Tile Trims
Round Edge Tile Trim

Round Edge profiles will add value to your decoration. Multi-purpose use of Round Edge profiles will let you have an artistic outlook at external corners, skirting boards, kitchen counter corners and girder extensions. Round Edge profiles stand out with protective and covering up features in addition to artistic outlook.

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Straight Edge Tile Trim

Straight Edge profiles will complement your decoration. You will catch a supplementary aesthetic at the end points of the laminated surfaces, tile flooring and carpet applications with the Straight Edge end profiles.

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        Aluminum Tile trims are useful to protect the edges of your tiles and also support and protect them. The tile trims also safeguard the tiles from chipping or cracking at the edges due to pressure. Also metal tile edging is used to prevent intense pressure from breaking the tile especially at the dividers between ceramic tiles and the walls. The tile trims also help to provide an aesthetic look to the tiled floor bottom. They could be straight or round and are made of high quality materials
        Tile trims are provided through some meticulous detail using high quality packing as well as primary materials. One can also find anodized bright, gold, chrome and matt effects, laminated to a variety of lengths. Tile trims popularly used to provide a transition between the tiles to hardwood and carpet. Interestingly they are used to edge the tiles when there is a height difference between the tiled part of the floor and the rest of it. The trims ensure that the whole area is waterproof and looks aesthetic. It provides a nice finish and a professional look ensuring that there arent any spaces at the edges for the accumulation of dust which cannot be cleaned very easily. Along with countertops, you can also use these trims under sink rails as well.

What we do ?

We as Orego Metal Co. owe our success and quality on Tile Trims for integrating and applying below mentioned processes.

*Tile Trim Extrusion
*Tile Trim surface Treatment
*Tile Trim Punching
*Tile Trim Packaging


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